Increase your ROI by means of 


 Delivering excellence through our Innovative Data Profiling

Technology Data

Lists that comprise of users of specific technologies.

ERPs, CRMs, Cloud Computing, Servers, Opensource, etc.

Healthcare Specialties

Key Healthcare specialty lists.

Internal Medicine, Oncologists, Chiropractors, Dentists, etc.

Industry Specific Lists

Industry selections of choice.

Education, Real estate, Pharma,

Hospitality, Automotive, Energy,

Telecom, Manufacturing, etc. 

Geo Targeted Data

Run a search based on specific Geographic locations.

North America, EMEA & APAC.

A Glace into our setup
AI Driven Data Management
Machine Learning & AI in the data mix. 

We are basically list providers; our in-house database consists of 35 million B2B executives and 137 million records of B2C contacts. We own and maintain this database, our AI data team work 24/7 in keeping this list clean and up to date. We incorporate our very own AI buddies to work alongside our talented human workforce. 

Our 3 Step Process


We research, segment and compile our data by attending at least 6,000 webinars, online events, trade shows every year, through third party data vendors, magazine subscriptions, online partner portals, business registration services, etc.


Once we have the raw complied data at hand, We use our telemarketing team, AI and our survey campaign’s to verify and get permission-based emails. This process allows us to remove all contacts that request to opt-out.


The permission based contact information and emails are added into our data pool and verified every 45 days and prior to delivery of any list, we re-verify the contacts to make sure there is no data decay.

CUSTOMER testimonial
We have a lot to brag about...

A verified and compliant email list is what we wanted and we were given just that, to help in our email campaign rollout.

Celina Martin Marketing Director

We were on the lookout for the right data partner to help our sales teams to get in those leads on a constant basis, the IG team worked wonders.

Kevin Green VP Product Marketing      

Running my start-up with my sales funnel filled with leads is happiness. The contact lists from InsightGene helped us in getting new clientele.

Alena Due Entrepreneur      
We are all ears to your pain points.
BRAINS at Work
Not to forget our AI team in the background.
Our Data Analysis is your gateway to Client Acquisition
CHOOSE A Data Diet
Extensive Local and Global search based on Technology Users, Medical Specialty and Industry Verticals.

(*The below mentioned pricing is fixed and applicable to contact requests that amount to below 5000 contacts)

Basic Plan

$ 750

Basic Search

  • 5,000 Contacts*

  • Industry, CXO/ Director/ V.P/ Manager Title and Geography Search

  • Basic Data fields provided - 

    First & last name, Job title, Company name, Country, Phone Number and Direct Email Address

    5 Samples Provided

Select Plan

Advance Plan

$ 1000

Advance Search

  • 5,000 Contacts*
  • Industry, Any Job Title, Geography, Revenue & Employee Size Search

  • Advance Data fields provided - 
    First & last name, Job title, Company name, Mailing Address, City, State, Country, Phone Number, Revenue & Employee Size, Industry and Direct Email Address

    10 Samples Provided

Select Plan

Professional Plan

$ 1500

Pro Search

  • 5,000 Contacts*
  • Industry, Job title, Geography, Revenue & Employee Size, Technology Used or Medical Specialty
  • Pro Data fields provided - 
    First & last name, Job title, Company name, Mailing Address, City, State, Country, Phone Number, Revenue & Employee Size, Industry, Technology Used/ Medical Specialty and Direct Email Address

    15 Samples Provided

Select Plan