Data Privacy & Policy
Recent years have seen a rise in concerns about data privacy and for good reason. Our information has evolved into a new form of currency as consumers in a technologically advanced world. Consumer-focused companies gather information to build profiles that, among other things, can drive more individualized marketing campaigns and introduce customers to goods that are more pertinent to their needs and interests.

  InsightGene is aware of the rising concerns regarding data collection, processing, and use because it places a priority on privacy. We're letting you in on our meticulous process and dedication to privacy in an effort to encourage transparency.   Let's dispel some of the most prevalent misconceptions about InsightGene's procedures for gathering business data and discuss our commitment to privacy.


FAQ: Does InsightGene gather your highly sensitive personal data?


Answer: No. Only business-related data is collected by InsightGene.

  Only business-related information about businesses and their employees is of interest to InsightGene. Sensitive personal information is not of interest to us.   Data that a person would rarely, if ever, divulge to the public, like credit card numbers or social security numbers, is referred to as sensitive personal data. Additionally, it might contain details about their personal lives and actions, such as their political and religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation, and health and financial details.   This kind of personal information is not gathered by InsightGene.

Business-related data is what InsightGene gathers. Business-related information relates to a person's status as a professional, including where they work, their work email addresses and phone numbers, where their office is, to whom they report, their educational background, their employment history, and other work-related details.   We only want to support businesspeople in having business-related conversations with other businesspeople. In order to connect businesses and the people who work there on sales, marketing, and talent recruitment initiatives, we gather business information.


FAQ: Will InsightGene send you a notification when we add you to our database?


Answer: Yes. Before or soon after your data initially appears in our database, we send you a notification to your professional email address.

  We at InsightGene are dedicated to giving you ownership of your data. With specific instructions on how to update or delete their data that we have collected, we proactively notify data subjects. We carry out this action just before or soon after entering their data into our database. We also take measures to prevent the addition of anyone whose information has been removed from our database.

  Individuals are informed when their information is first added to our database thanks to our effective email notification system. Regardless of whether local laws require us to give this notice or not, because this is a global process, people all over the world are informed when their information is added to InsightGene's database.   Tens of millions of email notifications are sent by InsightGene each year as part of a procedure we established in 2013. To ensure that these emails are sent and successfully reach the recipient's inbox, our committed email management team is constantly working to improve the process.



FAQ: Is it difficult to opt out of InsightGene's database?


Answer: No. Just email us and we will have your details removed from our database

  The individual's right to withdraw consent from our database at any time is respected by InsightGene. By sending an email to, you can quickly remove your information from InsightGene's database.


FAQ: Is InsightGene attempting to profile me incessantly?


Answer: No. InsightGene connects businesspeople to talk about business by creating profiles that are focused on business using business data.  

  For business professionals to network with one another, our teams gather information that is pertinent. The created profiles in our database are brief and business-oriented. They are the kinds of things you would anticipate seeing on a resume or business card.  

  We search for important information that can facilitate business interactions between the appropriate parties at the appropriate time. We are not interested in learning more about a contact's personal life in general.  


FAQ: Does InsightGene comply with local and international privacy laws?


Answer: Yes. The governance framework at InsightGene complies with laws in all of our key markets, including the CCPA and GDPR.

  We put in place a number of internal procedures that complied with compliance rules in the US and Europe even before GDPR was implemented in 2018. For instance, our Global Notification Plan guarantees that we notify contacts promptly when they are added to our database and give them the option to remove their information at any time.

  This is in line with GDPR Article 14, which mandates a notification procedure for data collection, processing, and storage. At InsightGene, we keep a proactive strategy for privacy compliance. Additionally, we have been growing our company internationally. Our teams put forth a lot of effort to stay adaptable as we expand into new markets and hone compliance controls in line with changing privacy laws.  


FAQ: Consent is required by the CCPA and GDPR for data processing. Is InsightGene in accordance with these laws?


  It is a widespread misconception that the GDPR and the CCPA require consent in order to process data. Despite the differences between the two systems, neither one needs consent.   Six equally valid legal bases for processing are outlined in the GDPR. Companies must use one of the six legal bases in order to process data in accordance with GDPR regulations.

  The data subject's consent is one type of legal foundation. Other than when overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, another basis exists for "legitimate interests" pursued by the company or a third party. InsightGene bases its processing of data that is subject to the GDPR on the legal justification of legitimate interests.   Given the limited impact of this data on an individual's private life, the fact that people would reasonably expect their business contact information to be shared for these purposes, and that InsightGene's legitimate interest in processing business contact data to organize and make it available to our customers for B2B sales, marketing, and recruiting purposes is not outweighed by the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subjects, in our opinion.

  The CCPA does not require a legal basis for processing personal data, in contrast to the GDPR. Only in specific instances, like when a company enrolls someone in a financial incentive program (like a loyalty program), is consent necessary. The collection, use, or sale of personal data is not, however, subject to consent. The right of consumers to request to opt out of the sale of their personal data is one of the requirements of the CCPA that InsightGene abides by.  


FAQ: Is InsightGene supportive of phone spammers?


Answer: No. Spam calls are not permitted by InsightGene or under any contractual agreements.

  Every business call, in our opinion, ought to be relevant to everyone involved. To assist salespeople, marketers, and talent managers in connecting with the appropriate people and having fruitful, meaningful conversations, we collect work phone numbers and, in some cases, mobile phone numbers.

  Additionally, InsightGene customer contracts stipulate that organizations may only use our data to get in touch with people for B2B sales or marketing.   Notably, B2B exemptions exist for some Do Not Call lists. Country-by-country variations exist in this.