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DATA Marketing
Access to our key data insights! How?
How do I get marketing insights based on my Target Audience
Provide us with your target market, the simplest way being - the Industry, Job titles and Geography you want to reach out to.

Based on your criteria, our data team do a search. The data that match your specification are extracted and a re-verification process is conducted on your data list to make sure you get the most accurate and validated marketing insights.
Once you acquire marketing insights from us, you have unlimited usage rights on the marketing insights file; that is you are not going to rent the list, you would purchase the file for your perpetual use. (Kindly be discreet and respect the privacy of data. Also do adhere to the Data localization norms and privacy protection guidelines of your home Country.)

What data fields do I get?
The data insights we provide you are - First & last name, Job title, Company name, Mailing Address, City, State, Country, Phone Number, Revenue & Employee Size, SIC code, Industry, Technology Used (Incase you have requested for our technology users list)/ Medical Specialty (If you have requested for Healthcare specific lists) and Direct Email Address.  Additional data fields can be provided upon request - Data fields such as - LinkedIn URL's, Department, etc.
What guarantee do I have on the Contact Insights that I purchase?
We scrub our data clean of any data decay, but that does not mean that we can propose 100% guarantee on our data. As an individuals work life is dynamic - moving to a different company, promotions, etc. 

What we do guarantee is 85% deliverability on emails and 100% accuracy on other data fields. (That is the market standard)
Any hard bounces you encounter, would be replaced with a fresh contact.

After 45 days, I find that my data has gone bad. What do I do?
Any data set purchased, gets data decay. If you have purchased a Contact List from us, and you find your data set has gone bad, then you are entitled to have us get your data cleansed if your purchase falls within 45 days from date of purchase.
DATA Appending
  • Appending can help your organization keep in touch with your old clients who would have been giving you the top 80% revenue. 
  • People keep changing their titles, it so happens that they have not updated you with their new telephone number or email address?
  • You have acquired marketing data in the past that do not have had email addresses?
  • An old dataset sitting in your computer, needs cleansing?
This is the perfect solution to get your hands on verified and fresh information!  
Appending Services
Email Appending
Email Appending is nothing but adding missing or replacing invalid email addresses with valid email addresses to your existing in-house database. Business email appending is our strong forte. On Business to Business email appending we can achieve 65% to 85+% plus append rate. 
Contact Appending
Appending missing data like contact name, business name, job title, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, SIC codes, Employee size, Revenue size and Industry type.
Title Appending

Appending contacts based on your specific job titles. Your in-house dataset that is missing out on job titles, can be appended with the current job title of the contact.

Reverse email Appending
You might have a lot of website visitors, you may know their email addresses but don’t have any other details about these individuals. We can append all other details to those contacts - contact name, phone numbers, physical addresses, company name, SIC code, industry, revenue size, employee size, job title of the individual in the company, etc.
Technology Contacts
Financial      Contacts
Healthcare Contacts
Construction Contacts
Business Services Contacts
Mining & Energy Contacts
Manufacturing Contacts
Retail &Wholesale Contacts